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Anyone can travel on buses, possession of a valid ticket or pass.

Be excluded from travel:

Inebriated persons, persons who display any antisocial behaviour, and and persons who do not meet the conditions of carriage may be excluded from travel. People with contagious disease, children under 6 years of age without escort, and incapacitated people are not allowed to use the vehicles.


Buses can be used only in possession of a valid ticket or pass, of if the passenger is able to provide other proof of travel entitlement.

At the start of the travel, the passengers are obliged to validate their pre-purchased ticket or ticket purchased at the driver with the validating machine located at the driver’s cabin, without further notice and delay, or show their pass providing eligibility to travel to the driver in a visible manner. Travel can only be commenced by those possessing a valid travel card.


Hand bagage:an object no heavier than 10 kg that passangers take with them on the bus. Each passenger is entitled to carry either of the following items free for charge: up two to pieces of hand luggage of a size not exceeding 40x50x80 cm or 20x20x200 cm .


Is free, if it’s in a closed animal carrier not larger than a hand luggag. Dogs can only be transported with a valid ticket, if it’s not in a closed carrier. Police dogs and guide dogs can be transported for free of charge.

PENALTY FARE is charged for those who do not respect the Terms and Conditions of Travel. The amount of the penalty fare can be found in the notice on fares.

DETAILED INFORMATION on terms and conditions of travel can be requested is available on telephone at the number +36 42 598-177 and online on the